Anna Unsgaard
A great Jewellery artist. My soulsister
and friend...

Artics studio
A fine gallery and a architect´s office. Which is a very smart combination...

Agneta Segerfeldt
A magnificent painter and a realy good friend

For inner and outside health care

A great source of inspiration.

Civil olydnad
My latest and youngest idols. Punk,sweat and energy!!!

Realy good music in a beautiful and happy-melancholy tender...

Jenny is also a very good friend and a colorfull person who spread love arond were ever she put her footsteps.

Kaisu Kovisto
A great artist from Finland

Karina Herteig
A fantastic Norweigan sculptor and a friend

Kunst i Natur
Outdoor art project in Norway, where I have being a part from the start.

Linda Skoog
Dear friend who has the most beautiful voice

Little Grandmother
A lot of videos from Little Grandmothers speakings

Niki De Saint Phalle
Made me start "playing" with art.

Norsk fjellfestival
This is a festival in one of the most extravagant alp chains in northen Europe.

Bodil Bendixon!. Joy, storytelling, poetry, accordion and tango...

YaYa Men
A great band where one of the men is mine.

The very best art happening in Norway. A village of artlovers.